Wide leg cropped pants – attempt #2!

I posted a while ago about an outfit fail involving these wide leg cropped pants from Gap.  Since it’s kind of a rainy cool day today, I thought I’d give them another go.  This time I went with a more fitted top with a boat neck, a long necklace and long earrings.  I went with a boat neck to try and balance out the wideness at the bottom of the pants, the long necklace to try and lengthen the overall look because the cropped pants can cut off the leg line and make you look shorter, long earrings again to try and lengthen the overall look and nude healed sandals to lengthen the leg line.

What do you think?  I think this outfit is better than my last one with these pants!  They are so comfy I really need to master making them look their best on me for future comfy outfits!!