White pants with young kids?!

YES!!!  Yes it’s possible to wear white pants if you have young kiddos at home!  I avoided this trend for a long time because I just didn’t see how I could possibly keep white pants clean.  But when I see them on other people they just look so crisp and happy and summery so I thought this year I’d give them a try.  I LOVE it!!  I was also worried that white bottoms would make me look larger than I wanted, but I don’t think they do.  Maybe other people find that they make me look bigger, I really don’t know and guess what…I don’t care!   I’m wearing them to work today and yes, one of my kiddos got some dirt on them before I even got to work this morning but I just brushed off the dirt…no big deal.

Now, where did I get these white pants you might wonder?  Well, one of the challenges of living in a small city is that the shopping is seriously lacking!  Plus, being in Canada we don’t have stores like J.Crew, Nordstrom, Target and Loft (that I know of L)  So I do a lot of shopping online because we don’t have some of my favorite stores here (like Gap and Old Navy…I know, it’s so terrible to be deprived of these stores!).  I also shop online because trying to shop with a 4 year old and a 2 year old in a store is about as fun as shooting myself in the foot I imagine.   I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money on white pants because I didn’t know if I could make them work with my life style so I picked these up for about $14 at Costco.  Lol I know…Costco isn’t the most fashionable place to buy clothing, but hey, now that I know I can make white pants work, my next pair will be from an actual clothing store lol.  These bad boys are jeggings so lots of stretch and comfort.  One thing you need to watch with white pants is making sure they are not see-through!  The ones that I have don’t seem to be so that’s great.

I have heard that Old Navy has some good white jeans:

http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=774342003 These would be great for the office or on a weekend.

http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?vid=1&pid=815202003 I also really like these but I wouldn’t be able to wear these to the office.


I have also heard that Loft has some great jeans in general (I have never ordered any jeans from Loft before but plan on giving it a try soon), here are some white ones from there that I like:



How to wear them – you can wear white pants with just about anything I think.  But what is trendy right now is white on white (wear a white top with a different texture like lace or crochet), pink and grey (I love a light pink flowy blouse and a light grey tunic cardi), black and white or navy and white stripes (which is what I’m wearing today…have I mentioned before that I love stripes? Lol I also threw on my favorite denim jacket from Bootlegger this morning because it was 4 degrees outside…yup, 4 degrees in June…arrrrrgggg!), a chambray shirt and another look that I really like is a button up gingham print top with white pants.  Oh and a blue and white stripe button up top (I ordered this one online, will review it once it comes in)…I LOVE this with white pants too!

For shoes I love a nice pair of white converse shoes for the weekend and at work I’m wearing a block heal with ankle strap in a medium brown color today but a pump in a fun color like cobalt blue would be awesome too!  I also love an ankle bootie in a cognac with white pants!


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