Under garments – slip shorts

I never used to wear a slip under my skirts and dresses.  I just thought it was too “old lady-ish” lol.  That is, until one day I came home from work and my husband says “you can see through that skirt you know”.  I was wearing a black jersey skirt and had no idea you could see my underwear through it!!  Yikes!!!!!  So, I tried out a regular slip but found that the slip kept peeking out from the bottom of my dress/skirt.  Not good!!  I guess I’ll have to be on the look-out for a very short slip and give that a try?  I recently thought I’d try a pair of slip shorts and I am liking them much more!!

This is the pair I bought (Joe Fresh):

Don’t panic when you take them out of the package and they are so tiny that they look like something your toddler should be wearing lol…they stretch out a ton!

I am usually a large or an 8/10 for bottoms and I’m about 5’10 so I got these in a size D.  They aren’t falling off nor are they cutting off my circulation so I guess this is a good fit?  Not really sure as I’ve never bought this type of item before lol!






Note:  They don’t look very sexy lol but I feel very confident in them J
Since this is the first pair I have tried, I don’t have anything to compare them to really but here is a list of likes and dislikes:

What I like What I don’t like
Eliminates inner thigh chaffing! The waist band cuts into my tummy (I think a lace waist band would be better)
Tummy and butt feel nice and secure!  I yank these puppies right up to my ribs lol! There is a seam right up the middle of the tummy that you can see if your top is fitted.  Would be much better with seams up the sides instead.
They don’t seem to make me hot and/or sweaty.
I don’t worry about anyone seeing my undies if my skirt/dress is a bit see-through.
Super stretchy fabric.
Leg length is short enough without being uncomfortable.
They stay in place really well…the legs don’t ride up and the waist doesn’t fall down.

I might try these ones next (no seam up the middle of the tummy and they reach up higher on the ribs so may not cut in as much in the waist) from Walmart.