Shorts I don’t hate!!

Joe Fresh Utility Shorts:

If you are at all like me, you have had a very difficult time finding a pair of shorts that doesn’t make you want to barf when you put them on and look in the mirror!  Any pair of shorts I have ever tried on has either been too short, too tight, had a big gap in the lower back area or maybe even all of the above!

I was at Joe Fresh the a week or two ago and I stumbled across these shorts.  The material is super soft which I loved right away and then I noticed there there is an elastic in the waist along the back of the shorts.  I thought maybe…just maybe, these might fit me well because of this elastic.  So, I brought them home and tried them on.  Jackpot!!!!  These may be the holy grail of shorts (at least for me anyway)!  Perfect fit!!  I am usually a size 10 in bottoms but sometimes I get a size 12 so I get a good fit across my thighs and then I have the waist brought in.  I got these in a 10.

Here are some pics of me wearing these shorts…I’m really glad no body is reading this blog yet because the pics are terrible, I don’t even have a full length mirror for a decent mirror selfie and my bedroom is a complete mess in the background!  My blogging skills can only improve from here right?


So, here you can see the back side of the shorts (or maybe you can’t see it because the picture is so terrible) and there is no lower back gap…I have a nice snug fit back there!!

And here is the front view…they are not too short although I wouldn’t want them any shorter.  I’m about 5’10 and the shorts have a 3 3/4″ inseam which is the minimum length I would do.

Here are some suggestions of tops that I think would go well with these shorts:





From left to right :

White sleeveless blouse : Joe Fresh

Gingham button-up top:  J-Crew

Black and white stripped 3/4 length tee:  Ricki’s

Because these shorts are an olive color, they will go with just about any other color…I love mint with this olive green color!

What color do you guys like to wear with olive green? 🙂