Lash growth serum review

I have short straight eyelashes.  Not ideal.  I have a hard time even getting them to hold a curl with a lash curler.  Lash extensions look amazing on other people, but, it’s expensive and takes too much time on a regular basis for me to make that work (at least for now anyway).  I once dyed my lashes when I was younger (had them professionally done) and that just gave me darker short straight lashes lol…not sure what else I was expecting!

So, then I heard about lash growth serum and thought, well, you can get this stuff for pretty cheap and it only takes a second to apply it every day, so I’ll give that a shot.  I thought I’d start with one of the less expensive options that I found on Amazon.

The Product:

Pure Clean Love

This says you can use it on your lashes and your brows, I only tried it on my lashes.  I applied it like eyeliner (top lashes only) at night before bed after I washed off my makeup.  I read some reviews that said it stings or burns the eyelid for a few minutes after you put it on.  What I found was yes, it stings a lot if you rub your eyelids pretty hard while removing your makeup.  It doesn’t sting much if you very gently remove your eye makeup and if you put this stuff on in the morning (before rubbing your eyes at all for any reason) it doesn’t sting.  And I have very sensitive skin, especially my eye lids.  I did get this stuff in my eyes more than once and that isn’t very fun.  Plus I wear contacts.

I chose to put it on at night before bed because if you put it on in the morning before your makeup, it makes my eyeliner look a bit strange.  It makes the eyeliner darker and almost metallic looking.

So, here are my results after 4 weeks of using the product (it says you will see results in as little as 3 to 4 weeks with full results after 16 weeks or something along those lines).

Before – as you can see, short, straight lashes.

4 Weeks later – It’s hard to see in the pics, but, if you look really closely…you can see that…there really isn’t any difference at all lol!  I don’t think any camera could make these lashes look good hahaha!  So, perhaps this lash growth serum works for some, but it appears that I am not one of them.  Now, do I continue to use it and hope that maybe in another month I might see a difference?  Do I abandon my efforts entirely?  Or do I try a different serum?  I think perhaps I will try a different serum.  Stay tuned for which one I try next!

Before and After:

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