Journey to heal Diastasis Recti – Part 4!

I did it!  I finished the 4 week abs, core and pelvic floor program!  I enjoyed the program, it was a nice change of pace from what I was doing.  And I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is dealing with DR or pelvic floor issues.

So what have I gained from this program?  My core definitely feels strong and way more stable.  My bladder control issues are almost gone.  Yes, I said almost.  I no longer have issues when sneezing, however I have had a cough for about a month and it just got a lot worse recently and when I have a coughing fit, I have some issues sometimes.  Also, things don’t feel right when jumping still.  So I need to give myself more time and continue to work on my pelvic floor issues.

I tested the gap in my abs after my final workout in this program.  I didn’t see much improvement in terms of the width of the gap.  It is still about 2 finger widths just above my belly button and about 3 at my belly button.  However, the gap has become shallower and the bottom of the gap is much firmer.  Also, my abs in general are firmer now.

You’ll notice that in my week 4 results pictures I’m in a different room than the previous weeks.  That’s because my gym closed 🙁  Yup, the gym I have been going to for years on my lunch breaks from work closed about a week ago.  I was pretty upset because I had no idea how I was going to get my workouts in.  I am NOT a morning person so I won’t be getting up before work to workout.  That only leaves after work and that is what I have been doing so far.  There are a ton of benefits to working out at home:

  1. No gym membership to pay.
  2. I save time traveling back and forth to the gym.
  3. No one cares what I’m wearing so last week I did my workouts in pj and slippers! Lol
  4. My kids see me and it is setting a good example for them.

However, there are disadvantages of working out at home too:

  1. My kids want to jump and crawl all over me when I’m doing my workouts.
  2. It’s harder to get motivated to actually start the workout. Once I start though I’m fine.
  3. I tend not to push myself as hard if there is no one else working out around me.

Now that I am finished with this 4 week program and my gym has closed, I need to figure out what I’m going to do next.  I am considering a few options right now and when I decide, I’ll let you know for sure!!

Ok, on to the pictures which I’m sure you are all dying to see lol!  Here is the week to week comparison for all 4 weeks, front view and side view:

Here is just the before and after comparison front and side:


And, I mentioned that when I take these pics, I’m not flexing or sucking in my tummy and I’m not pushing out my tummy, it’s just a neutral posture.  Well, here is my tummy currently both in a neutral posture and then with my core fully engaged (not flexing my abs…engaging my core…there is a big difference) so you can see the difference.  It’s a small difference, but I think you can see it.   You can also see here in the pic with my core fully engaged on the right below that the biggest part of my gap is right at my belly button.  You can see the little sort of bump right where my belly button is.

My journey isn’t over and I hope that so far, what I have shared has helped someone out there 🙂  Stay tuned for what I decide to do next!!

Tips for today:


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