Journey to heal Diastasis Recti – part 3!!

Hello my beautiful ladies (and handsome men if there are any reading this)!  I am late posting this because my oldest munchkin was pretty sick for a couple of days.  Life often doesn’t go as planned and I try not to stress about it.  Yes, I wanted to post this 2 days ago, but I had something much more important to do so this had to wait.  What is more important than taking care of your sick little munchkin right?

So, onto my update!  Week 3 of the program is done!  Yay!  Week three was less boring than week one and two lol.  In week three, if you were watching me do these exercises you would actually see me moving (there wasn’t much visible movement going on in weeks one and two) hahaha!!

I actually didn’t get a chance to test out the bladder control in week 3…I was waiting and waiting for a sneeze and never did! lol.  Perhaps next week!

I think you can see some progress from the start to after week 3 in the pictures.  I think my tummy in general is sticking out a little less.  I can’t wait for the end of week 4 when I test out my gap and see what kind of progress I have made!

I am feeling much stronger in my core and it’s getting easier to activate the right muscles now.  I miss sweating right now though lol!  I have paused all of my other types of workouts to really focus on my core and pelvic floor.

Here is the current front view and yes, I realize that my socks don’t match in my “after week 3” pic on the right lol!  Isn’t that cool now…to have socks that don’t match?!  Yah I just grabbed two socks out of the dryer this morning and didn’t give a crap if they matched, I had 5 minutes to get two kids and myself dressed and out the door lol!  At least the socks were clean right?!  Do I get a pat on the back for that?  Anyone?  hahaha!

Tips for this week:

1. Wonder if an exercise is safe while you have DR or you have made great progress closing your gap and wonder if you are ready to move on to more challenging exercises:  think about what your abs are doing during the exercise.  Do they feel like they are pulling apart or does it feel like your tummy is bulging through your gap?  Then that exercise isn’t right for you.  Give yourself more time and try again a bit later.

If you are doing a high impact exercise like jumping jacks, does it feel like you might pee your pants or is there a heaviness down there that just doesn’t feel right?  Then that exercise isn’t right for you.  Give yourself more time and try again a bit later.

2.  Don’t think of yourself as being limited to certain exercises because you have DR.  All you have to do is make a modification or two to most workouts and you will still get all of the benefits while protecting your core until it is ready!  Have fun, stay fit and get ‘er done!

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