The jewelry capsule you need right now!!

Jewelry.  The outfit completer!  An essential part of any wardrobe.  Something you can easily put on with any type of outfit and it instantly gives you a more polished look.

What do you really need for jewelry?  You need some right?  But, you don’t really need tons and tons of it.  And if you have tons of it, chances are you only wear a small part of your collection on a regular basis.

Today I’m sharing a jewelry capsule with you.  Each piece can be worn with multiple different types of outfits, allowing you to keep a much smaller collection of jewelry.  Having a smaller collection will save you time while getting dressed and save you money!  So if you want to reduce your current collection or if you are just starting a jewelry collection you can use this as a guide.  And bonus!  If there is a special lady on your Christmas Shopping list, below are some great ideas for you!

So, lets start with my favorite!

Necklaces – a statement necklace, a simple pendant necklace, a choker and a long pendant necklace.  That is all you need, 4 different styles of necklaces and you have any type of outfit covered!

Statement necklace – There are tons and tons of necklaces to choose from.  A statement necklace in a gold or silver or mixed metal will take an outfit from nice to awesome!!  Dress up a solid colored button-up or a plain v-neck tee with one of these and you have just easily added so much visual interest to your outfit!  Here are some examples that I like!
1. Nordstrom – Baublebar
2.  Ricki’s
3. The Bay



Simple pendant necklace – Sometimes you have a top that has some pretty detail on it, so you want to keep your necklace simple.  For example, a statement necklace might be too much for a graphic tee.  It’s good to have one simple pendant necklace on hand.  Here are some examples for you!
1.   H&M – a 3 pack is great, you can mix and match them, wear them together at different lengths (layered necklaces is a huge trend right now!) or separate.
2.   Banana Republic
3.  Nordstrom – Kate Spade New York – Love the initial on the simple disc pendant, add more than one initial disc to represent your family 🙂

Choker necklace – chokers are a huge trend right now.  There are all sorts of different types but I prefer something delicate and simple.  Layering them at slightly different lengths is also very on trend this year.  Below are some of my favorites!

1.   Nordstrom
2.   American Eagle – I like these because there is a mix of different metals making it very versatile!
3.  H&M

Long pendant necklace – this style of necklace is nice with a solid colored dress or tunic!  See below for examples that I like that would go with many many different dresses or tunics!

1.   Nordstrom
2.  Ricki’s 
3.  The Bay – Kenneth Cole New York

Earrings: now that we have covered necklaces, lets talk about earrings!  If you have a pair of statement earrings in a neutral color, some basic hoops and basic studs, you are all set for any outfit you want to wear!

Statement earrings – such a fun way to dress up a casual outfit.  Jeans with a pretty floral printed top, a faux leather jacket and a pair of statements earrings like the examples below would be great for a date night!

1.   Nordstrom – BaubleBar
2.  H&M
3.  American Eagle


Basic hoops – these are great to have when you just aren’t sure what kind of earring you want to wear.  These will go with anything and add just a special little touch to your outfit!  Easy to find, many different prices ranges for any budget and will never go out of style!

1.   H&M

Basic studs – these are great to wear with a statement necklace or if you just don’t want something hanging from your ears lol!  If you are spending the day with your young kids or with someone else’s kiddos, you might want to wear something a little harder for small hands to grab!  Either of the choices below would go with any outfit.  Love the Kate Spade ones!! Drool! lol

1.   Nordstrom – Kate Spade New York
2.  H&M
3.   American Eagle

Watch – either a metal or a leather strap watch is functional AND adds a very nice, classy touch to an outfit.  There are tons of beautiful watches out there, if you stick to a neutral color (like these below), it will go with most of your outfits.

1.   Amazon – Kenneth Cole New York
2.  H&M
3.  Nordstrom – Olivia Burton – the mixed metals (silver and gold) in this watch is nice if you have for example a silver zipper on your jacket and gold hardware on the purse you want to wear.  This watch would tie everything together for you 🙂

Rings – I wasn’t sure if I was going to add rings to this capsule because I don’t wear a lot of rings.  I wear my engagement ring and wedding band and that’s it most of the time.  However, if you like to wear more rings, this is for you 🙂

1.   H&M – getting a pack of multiple rings in different sizes is trendy right now.  Wear the smaller rings on the upper part of your finger and the larger ones on the lower part.  Wear a few or wear them all!
2.  Nordstrom – Love this crisscross ring!
3.  American Eagle – Love these simple rings in different metals.  Very versatile!





Bracelets – Bracelets are fun to wear along with a watch or by themselves.  If you stick with neutral colors and a simple design, you will have a bracelet that you can wear with tons of different outfits!  Here are some examples.

1.  H&M
2.  Nordstrom – Kendra Scott
3.  The Bay – Kate Spade New York




Most of the examples that I have included here are in a gold color because that’s what I like.  If you are more of a silver person, than go with that!  Or rose gold which has become very popular recently!

Here is a re-cap of the jewelry capsule!  Only 10 pieces of jewelry will give you infinite possibilities when it comes to finishing off an outfit, looking more put together and feeling more confident!  1 to 3 pieces of jewelry is all you need per outfit.

  1.  a statement necklace in neutral colors
  2. a simple pendant necklace
  3. a choker
  4. a long pendant necklace
  5. statement earrings in a neutral color
  6. hoop earrings
  7. stud earrings
  8.  a watch in a neutral color
  9. a ring (or a pack of multiple rings in different sizes)
  10. a bracelet in a neutral color


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