H&M sweaters!

So I shifted gears a bit yesterday to talk about something that I feel is important for Mom’s to know about but it seems that many Mom’s don’t know about it.  Diastasis Recti.  See my post about it here if you missed it.

Today I’m back to talking about style 🙂  Specifically, H&M sweaters!  H&M has a ton of great sweaters this season and I just had to go try a bunch on lol!

Many of their sweaters have really long sleeves which I am thrilled about because it’s really hard for me to find sleeves long enough for my monkey arms (I’m about 5’10) lol!

All sweaters that I tried on were size Medium.  I usually wear a M or L in tops, depending on the shoulder width.

So, here is sweater #1.  It is super soft and cozy, however the sleeves were actually too short for me (the only sweater I tried on that the sleeves were too short).  I loved the color (I’m a little obsessed with blush pink)!
I can’t find this exact one online but here is a similar one in the same color.






















Sweater #2

This sweater was so soft and cozy and warm, however, I didn’t think the shape of it flattered my body much and the color wasn’t for me.

Here it is online, looks much better on the model lol!






















Sweater #3

This one fit ok, and would go with all of my pants and many of my skirts I think but, it wasn’t super flattering on me.  It was comfy though!  I did have a hard time actually getting this sweater on because it had soooooo much static in it!  I struggled to get it apart from the other sweaters that I had in the change room and then when I was putting it over my head it was clinging to my hair and making a mess of it lol!

I can’t find this exact one online but this one is similar.























Sweater #4

This is an open front cardi.  I wasn’t a big fan of this one, but I was considering it because it would go with everything in my wardrobe and it was only $15 in store!  It was also soft and comfy.

Here is the sweater online.






















Sweater #5

This was actually the last sweater that I tried on and it was my favorite!  I loved the softness of it and it wasn’t too heavy.  I love the neutral cream color as it will go with everything in my closet.  And the sleeves were plenty long!!  So excited!!  The strange thing about this sweater is that I tried this on in a Medium and a Small.  The small was SUPER short in the torso.  Too short for me!

I can’t find the exact one online, but this one is similar.






















Sweater #6

This is the same sweater as the dark bluish grey one above that I said was super staticy (is that a word? lol had lots of static in it).  I liked the color of this one better on me.  But again, I wasn’t crazy about the fit and how it draped on my body.  Maybe I should have tried tucking it in a bit?  I think my boobs are too small for this type of top…they kind of get lost in this sweater don’t you think? lol  I brought this cutie home with me 🙂

Here it is online.






















Sweater #7

Are you guys getting sick of seeing sweaters yet? lol  I’m almost sweatered out!  So here’s a jacket lol!

This bomber jacket in a blush pink was on sale for about $30 so I grabbed it to try on and I actually really like it (tried it in a size 6).  I liked the fit, the fabric was soft and not stiff or crinkly and of course I loved the color!  I was temped to get this, but I was really there to get a nice warm sweater.  So I resisted this one.

This one isn’t online but this one is similar.






















Sweater #8

This was a sweatshirt material and I loved the embroidered flowers on it, but I wasn’t crazy about the fit on me.  Didn’t find it flattered my body.

Here it is online.






















Sweater #9

This is the last one I promise lol!  This sweater actually surprised me.  I grabbed it to try on because I liked the color and softness, but it’s a bit cropped (short in the torso) and I don’t usually go for this type of shirt.  When I put it on I actually liked it though!  It fits quite nicely I think.  Always good to try on things that you think you wouldn’t like because you just never know!

I can’t find the exact one online but this one is similar.






















I hope you found this helpful.  H&M did not sponsor this post, I am not affiliated with them in any way, but I did have fun trying on their sweaters!  I also love that they are so reasonably priced and the quality seems good too!!