H&M Quick trip to the fitting room!

I was at the mall today with the kids because I had to pick up an online order from Ricki’s.  Stay tuned for a product review from there!  My mother in law was with us and the kids were happily playing at the little playground in the mall so I quickly snuck off to do a little research lol while my mother in law watched the kids play.

I have a few things in my only cart from H&M but I wanted to try on a few things from there just to see how the sizes might run on my.  What I found was that the bottoms seem to run small.  Tops seem to be normal in size for me.  The things that I tried on weren’t things that were on my radar…I just wanted to see what the sizing was like (I have never bought bottoms from H&M before).  I tried on a size 8 skirt and it was too small…usually an 8 would do me nicely, so good to know!  I didn’t take a pic because I was in a rush and it was really not flattering lol.  I tried on a t-shirt in a medium and that fit fine.  Tried on a size 10 shorts that had lots of stretch and they were way too short and tight for my liking, but I just wanted to see how they fit.  I also grabbed a couple of different styles of jeans to get a feel for how they fit.

So, I actually ended up learning an important lesson today…it’s important to try on things that you would never normally even think about trying on because you might just end up liking them!  I grabbed this little short/cropped tank in blue and white stripe…why?  I have no idea, it is not something that I have ever tried on before.  I also grabbed these distressed super skinny low rise jeans.  Now, I must confess, I am one of those people that thinks…why would I pay money to get a pair of jeans that is full of holes?!  lol  But they seem to be pretty popular so I thought…why not try them and see what all the fuss is about.  To my surprise, I really liked them!  And they were very comfy.  The leg with the huge hole in the knee was more comfy than the leg without the hole and I wished there were holes in both knees lol!  It’s kind of hard to tell in the pics because the camera on my phone sucks donkey nuts, but the hem of the jeans is frayed just a bit which I love!

So, what do you think?  I went way out of my comfort zone here, does it work for me or not so much?