Gap crochet detail tank

I had physio for my knee at lunchtime today so had this in mind when I chose my outfit.  I needed an outfit that allowed access to my knee, so I grabbed my Gap wide-leg chinos which are the most comfortable pants ever!  I think I have mentioned them in a post before, I ordered these in a size 10 and they fit perfectly without any alterations necessary which is fantastic!

I also recently ordered this striped tank with crochet detail and wanted to give it a try today.  I ordered this in a medium tall (I’m about 5’10 so I like the extra length that the tall size overs).  There is lots of room in this tank so if you like your tops more fitted, you may want to size down one size for this top.  I like loose and flowy for summer so it’s perfect for me in my normal size (M).  It’s a nice light cotton with some stretch to it.  I don’t think it’s too see-through but I am wearing a white cami under it because I almost always wear a cami no matter what season it is.  I just like the feel of a cami under my shirts and dresses plus for work it’s nice for cleavage coverage and provides a little extra warmth in the air-conditioned environment.

I love the crochet detail on this top, it turns an otherwise plain stripped tank into a fun and flirty and feminine top!  You can dress this one up or down, great for the office or running errands on the weekend.

Having said all this great stuff about the pants and the top, unfortunately they DO NOT go well together.  So I’ll use this as an example of an outfit FAIL!!!  Of course, I didn’t realize this until I took some pics of the full outfit and looked at them, which has convinced me that I need a full length mirror ASAP!!  If I had had one this morning when I was getting dressed, I would have seen that the two items don’t go well together at all and I would have changed either the top or the bottom.  So, here are some pics of my epic outfit fail:





Why didn’t this outfit work?  Loose and flowy on top AND on the bottom plus a short length pant equals a short and wide looking me! lol  I think a more fitted top or a skinny pant with this top would have been better.  Live and learn!   AND I also see that my hair is a hot mess…I will need to do something about this!

So you have seen my casual outfit hot mess with this top (my office is pretty casual in the summer so I can get away with just about anything).  I do have days (about once a week) where I need to be more formally dressed for meetings though.  Here are a couple of other ways to wear this top:
Work Formal outfit    

Black Blazer
Pink Stilettos
Pink belt
Black Skirt


Date Night

Denim Blazer
Grey sandals
Pink skirt