First ever blog post!!

Hi everyone!  I know that no one is actually reading my blog yet, but I hope to change that as time goes on.  I thought for my first post I’d write about why I’m starting this blog.  Early mid-life crisis maybe?!  I think there might be more truth to that then I care to admit!  My thoughts at the moment are that this blog will be about fashion, camping/travel, eating,body after baby, DIY and maybe some parenting stuff.

Fashion – I currently have no style.  If its on sale and it more or less fits, I buy it…sometimes in 3 colors!  I own one purse because purses or hand bags were always just a thing to carry my crap around in.  Up until very recently I had only the shoes I needed to function.  A pair of black pumps for work, black ankle booties, an old pair of sneakers for around the house/grocery shopping, a pair of winter boots for the snow and a pair of flip flops that I bought (on sale) at a pharmacy the last time I needed Tylenol.

I have recently decided that I want to try and change that and actually look and feel good in the clothes that I wear.  So I’m going to need your help to figure this all out!

Camping/travel – We have a large travel trailer that we bought when our first baby was 2 months old.  Before kids, my husband and I loved to camp with a tent but we just couldn’t imagine tenting with a baby, so we bought a giant trailer that we figured we would grow into lol!  We have had MANY adventures in this trailer and it has been such a great way to do things and see new things as a family.  We have several trips booked for this summer already and I intend to tell you guys all about them as they happen!

Eating – I love to eat good food (and drink good drinks)!  Eating (and preparing to eat stuff) makes up such a huge part of our day and life that I will have to write some posts about that!  I will share some of my favorite recipes and tricks and tips I’ve learned over the years in terms of preparing meals.

Body after Baby – I don’t really recognize my body since having 2 kiddos.  I’m the same weight that I was before having kids but I am not the same…shape shall we say.  Before having babies I was self conscience about my body, but now, after having babies, I look back at pictures of my pre-baby body and think….man, I was hot…I should have had way more confidence than I did lol!  I have always been physically active and in fairly decent shape and I am continuing with that trend.  I hope you will join me in my journey to feel good about my body again as I share some workouts that I’m trying and struggles that I face.

DIY – I am not very creative (I’m accountant), but I DO try and I have tackled different types of DIY projects over the years and will continue to do so in the years to come.  I’ll be sharing some of that with you. My projects don’t always turn out very well, I’ll probably share those too because it’s funny lol!

Parenting stuff –  The struggle is real my friends!  Parenting is hard work…the hardest job I’ve ever had by far.  I’ll be sharing the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to parenting.  I DO NOT have it all figured out, so I’ll be looking for you guys to share some of your tips and trick to survive being a parent!

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  1. Way to go Linz! I’m excited to read along with you! …and BTW … You have always been hot! I think the biggest compliment I ever recieved was being told “you’re just as hot as Horodeski! Lol. And you are even more beautiful post kiddos! 🙂

    1. Yay!!!!! My first visitor to my blog and what a fantastic comment!! hahahaha, you are just as hot as me?! You are way hotter than me! I think you’re actually hotter after kiddos somehow! Thank you for checking out my blog! It took me like 5 mins to figure out how to reply to your comment hahaha this is like learning a whole new language!

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