Don’t under estimate the white t-shirt!

Never underestimate the value of a good quality, well-fitting white t-shirt!  This staple closet item is probably the most versatile item you can own!  You can wear it just hanging around the house or you could even dress it up for a wedding and everything in between!

Today I have on my favorite white t-shirt from Gap.  It has a nice v-neck that isn’t too deep so I can wear it to work without a problem.  It is made of the nicest softest cotton ever, not see-through, good stretch and good structure as well as a wonderful fit on me.  I bought it in a tall-large size.  Why?  Well, this tee is more on the fitted side and it’s on the longer side, so I didn’t want it to be tight at all around my thigh area, also, I find the shoulder seems are often not in the right spot with a medium top for me.  I have broad shoulders, so I wanted the wider shoulders of the large size tee.  With the length of this tee I can wear it un-tucked, tucked in, or tied making it even more versatile!































So, now for outfit ideas!  I’m wearing it with a fairly fun and casual blue and red stripped skirt today, and my favorite block heal tan sandals.

Casual chillin at home outfit:

Necklace (I want to get this on and have a disc with each of my kids initials on it!)


Wedding outfit:



Pink tiered skirt
Gold straw clutch

Lipstick I love a bright red lipstick!  I would keep the rest of my makeup soft and subtle.

I actually love the red pumps with the pick skirt so I just left them there.  You can find red pumps where ever you like to buy shoes I’m sure.  These would also be awesome!

Here is the link to where I found the image of the hair style.  I think a messy braided up-do would be perfect for this semi-dressy/a bit casual outfit.

You could add a necklace or bracelet or both to this look, but I kind of like to keep things simple…the less is more sort of style I guess J

If the wedding celebrations take you into the evening you may want to add something like this black biker jacket if you get a little chilly.

Holy crap…I need to get myself invited to a wedding asap so I can wear this fun little number! lol