DIY Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances!

DIY stainless steel kitchen appliances!

We recently renovated our kitchen and completely blew our budget on the granite countertops which meant we had zero funds to replace our old appliances.  The fridge was old, dented, dirty and had a broken kick panel at the bottom so it just sort of sat on the floor on one end.  The dishwasher was newer but it was white and I really wanted stainless steel, you know, so I could feel grown up or something lol.  The stove was old and dirty and didn’t match the fridge and dishwasher.  The stove was black and white while the fridge and dishwasher were just white.

So, I started looking into more affordable options for my gross old appliances (I just couldn’t possibly put them back in our beautifully renovated kitchen).  I have done a lot of painting in my life.  I’ve painted everything from indoor walls, trim, doors and ceilings to outdoor walls, to baseball field fences, to ice surfaces…you name it, and I’ve probably slapped a coat of paint or two on it.  So I thought maybe I could at least paint my appliances white to make them all match and make them look clean.  Imagine how excited I was when I stumbled across stainless steel paint!!!!  I just about crapped my pants I was so excited!  It’s expensive compared to regular latex paint that you would paint your walls with in your house, but waaaaayyyyyy cheaper than buying new appliances!

I ordered the paint through and it arrived soon after.  I read the instructions that came with it (it even came with a video if you wanted to watch how to do it) and got to work.  The paint came in a kit with the bushes, rollers and squeegee type thing that you need.  I started with the dishwasher which I figured would be the easiest since it had just one flat surface to paint.  The dishwasher was already in the middle of the kitchen floor because we had to unhook it to put in the new floor and cabinets so it was the perfect time to get started.  I washed the surface that I would be painting first (as instructed by the kit) I brushed on 3 coats of the stainless steel paint and then finished with one coat of the clear top coat (I did this with all three appliances).  After the first coat of the stainless steel paint I wondered if I had made the right decision because the first coat didn’t cover very well and looked pretty terrible.  But once I started the second coat I knew it was going to work out well!

I did the stove next and it was trickier, I had more than one surface to paint and the surfaces weren’t flat plus I decided I didn’t want to paint the handle so I had to tape that off with painters tape.  Here’s a tip:  if you use painters tape during your project with this stainless steel paint, make sure you use a razor or craft knife or something to cut alone the tape before you take it off.  The paint makes a seal with the tape and if you don’t cut it you risk pulling the paint off in big chucks.  I had a hard time with this part…I found it hard to cut along the tape.   Here you can see the stove once I finished painting it and above you can see an actual stainless steel microwave for comparison.   It looks like I should have put a couple more coats of the clear top coat.  The more coats you put on, the more shine there ends up being.

For the fridge, we wanted to change the way the door opens so my husband took the hinges off and the door handles off and while he had them off, he spray painted them black (they were pretty stained from years of use and we thought the fridge would match the stove better this way).  He also spray painted the kick panel at the bottom and fixed it.  While my husband was doing all of that, I was painting the fridge with the stainless steel paint.  This appliance took the longest to paint and was the most challenging.  The paint is fairly thin so it drips easily and I had a lot of trouble with the paint dripping down from the top of the doors.  I did my best to fix the drips as they were happening and the fridge looks 100 x better but if you look closely you can see some drips that I just couldn’t fix.

We have had friends and family over to the house and after their visit I asked them if they noticed that I had painted the appliances.  They all said that they had no idea I had painted them and said they thought that we bought new stainless steel appliances!  I would call that a big win!!

I have been using the appliances for a little while now and for the most part the paint has held up well.  On the stove, my frying pans rub on part of the stove that is painted while I cook and has rubbed off some of the paint.  And there is one little corner on the fridge door that the paint has worn off of.  So I need to touch those up.  I think this is pretty good considering my little kiddos like to play with magnets and stuff on the fridge and there isn’t a single scratch on any of the appliances from the kids playing on them/throwing stuff at them/spilling stuff on them.

So there you have it.  Faux stainless steel appliances!  Let me know if you give it a try and how it worked out for you and of course if you have any questions that I might be able to answer, send them my way!