Another striped dress!

I have a few different styles of striped dresses because I love stripes so much!  I wore one of them not long ago and posted about it here.  Today I’m wearing a different style.  This one is sleeveless and when my husband walked into our room and saw me in the dress he said that looks really nice.  So I knew I had a winning outfit for today lol.  At work I got a few more compliments and then when I got home my son said Mommy you look pretty today which totally melted my heart and now I have decided to wear this dress every day lol!  Well, maybe not every day lol!

I’d love to tell you where I got this dress, but I have no idea lol.  I got it a few years ago I think maybe at Envy, or Samuel & Co.  My denim jacket I bought at Bootlegger a couple of years ago and it gets a ton of use, you have seen it in some of my other posts.  Wearing my sandals from Payless that I bought a couple of months ago and a yellow pendant necklace that I also bought a few years ago and don’t remember where I picked it up lol.

How about you guys?  Do you have an outfit that your child said you look pretty in and you want to wear all the time?!