8 Gift ideas for the Man in your life!

Only 10 more days until Christmas!!  Yikes!!!

If you are like me, you find grown men the hardest people on your list to buy for and perhaps left buying their gift for last.  They don’t seem to need or want much, if they need it they just go out and buy it.  And if it’s something they want, often you have no knowledge about it (like car accessories or something) so you’d rather just give them a gift card so they can get exactly what they want.  But a gift card seems so impersonal.

So, I have put together a list of ideas that might help you find something a little more personal than a gift card 🙂

  1.  Man Crates – have a look around in here, these are rugged looking wood crates filled with different things that men might like.  They have crates for the golfer in your life, the Nascar fan, the beer drinker etc.  Kind of a neat concept!
  2.   Back up cam – If their car or truck doesn’t already have one, they might really appreciate a back up camera system, especially if they have kids!
  3. Personalized docking station – How about something to help them keep their wallet, watch, phone, favorite pen etc.  all in one place?  Put it on their night table beside their bed or in the kitchen to keep things organized and looking nice.
  4.  A funny graphic tee!  – we do a lot of camping in the summer so I LOVE this one hahahaha!
  5. Wooden games – If the man in your life likes to entertain, this gift would would nice on his coffee table, be a conversation piece and provide some casual entertainment for his guests 🙂
  6. E reader – Does you man like to read?  If yes, he might really like an E reader!
  7.   Fun bookends – Does your man work in an office or have a small book collection at home?  These Katana samurai sword bookends are really fun!!
  8.   Fun wall clock – Does your man like music or have a garage or both?!  How about this fun clock for the wall?