White dress!

White is an awesome color to wear in the summer!  It’s so fresh and light and summery and bright…I love it!  White pants, shorts, shirts and shoes are pretty easy to pull off but a white dress can be trickier.  You don’t want to be walking around looking like you should be at the end of an isle somewhere saying “I do” right?!

So, here’s how to wear a white dress somewhere other than your wedding.  Pair it with a casual fabric like denim.  Either with a denim jacket or a denim vest.  Now, I am aware that some people rock the Canadian Tuxedo to their wedding and that’s great, but, usually you don’t see denim at a wedding.  A utility jacket or vest would also work awesome!  You could also add a bit of color to your white dress outfit; A fun yellow belt maybe or a pink statement necklace.  I chose a light weight scarf today with some teal and grey in it and the cutest little gray pom poms!  I chose the scarf for 2 reasons.  1.  To add a bit of color to the outfit and 2.  To cover up my cleavage because I’m wearing this dress to work and it’s pretty low cut.  When choosing shoes for your white dress outfit, a casual pair of sandals or a cute pair of sneakers would work great!  I would try to avoid wearing sparkles with your white dress outfit or at least keep them to a minimum J

What do you think ladies?  Do you like to rock the white dress in a casual way in the summer or do you think it should be reserved for getting married only? 🙂





















































White dress (mine is old but similar here, here and here)
Sandals (exact here)
Pom Pom scarf (exact here (sold out), similar here)
Earrings (exact here, similar here)
Bracelet (exact here)
PS, I realize these pictures are terrible but I hope they give you an idea of what I’m talking about anyway.  I am working on a better solution for pictures 🙂

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