Joe Fresh fitting room!

Reconnaissance Mission – Joe Fresh!

Sometimes I’m stuck without money to feed my shopping addiction so I just go on a little recon mission to try things on.  This serves 3 purposes for me:

  1. It allows me to see what fits well and what I like at a particular store so then when I do have money to spend and the item is on sale, I can just grab it because I already know that I like it and it fits well.
  2. It allows me to try different styles to see what looks best on my body, for example, is an A-line skirt more flattering or a pencil skirt, or do I like the feel of a linen blend fabric better than 100% cotton for summer.

And 3.  It allows me to feed my shopping addition while sticking to my shopping budget (which I have in a separate account so I can easily keep track of my spending).

So, I had a bit of time to myself recently (without kids) and here are the results of my recon shopping mission J

I grabbed these chambray shorts in a size 10 and they were too big.  On the sides of the waist band it looks like there is a sort of built in belt that you can adjust so I thought I could bring in the waist for a better fit using those…they are just for decoration lol.  I didn’t bring the size 8 into the dressing room but I think they would have been a good fit.  I love the look and feel of these short…lots of room in the legs which I love and they aren’t too short.



























Next I tried on this lovely white lace pencil skirt that I have been eyeing for a few weeks.  As you can see, it’s pretty see-through.  A slip or something would be a must with this skirt.  I tried an 8 (there was no size 10 left) and it was just a little snug in the thigh area.  I think the skirt might ride up because of this so I’m not sure it would work for me.  It is on sale right now and I might be able to order a size 10 online.



























Next up was the blue and red embroidered shirt with a bell sleeve.  I love this top.  The medium fit perfectly (shoulder seams lined up well with my shoulders and the length and width were good).  I put the chambray shorts back on just to try the top on but I think white shorts or skinny jeans would look great with this shirt…or a red pencil skirt!  I loved the feel of this shirt…so nice and light and soft!



























I loved the feel of this cold shoulder dress…light and so soft and lose and comfy.  And I loved the cold shoulder tie detail on the sleeves, but, I kind of felt like I was wearing a hospital gown…not sure about this one for me.  It was on sale, but, that is NOT a good reason to buy something (I’m still trying to grasp this concept lol!)!



























I also tried on these two similar skirts (both $34), both a casual linen blend with an elastic waist (Excuse the black and white striped shirt that I was wearing that day…it doesn’t go well with the skirts lol).  One with stripes and the other with a little crochet detail.  I tried them both in a medium and a large.  The medium fit better for both skirts (the waist on the large was falling down to my hips rather than staying at my waist).  I thought I’d like the crochet detail skirt better than the striped skirt, but I actually liked the stripes better.  I found the stripped skirt was a little more interesting and I liked the pockets (the other skirt didn’t have pockets).  The shape of the two skirts was just slightly different; the crochet skirt was a little more fitted in the thigh.  Both were nice and light and soft and comfy and would be great for summer either dressed down with a t-shirt and crisp with sneakers or dressed up for the office with a button up sleeveless blouse and a cropped cardi or blazer and a pair of stiletto sandals.





















































Outfit ideas:

Casual Outfit:












White boat neck t-shirt

White sneakers



Work outfit:

Cropped Cardi




So that’s it for this recon mission, I enjoyed it a lot, learned a few things about what I like and didn’t spend money that I don’t have!!  Success!!  Now, I will wait patiently for the items I like to go on sale and for my bank account to recover and then I will be adding a few things to my wardrobe!

What are your thoughts on the items that I tried on?  What are your favs?