10 Favorite Memories with my Spouse!!

It’s time for another fun 10 on the 10th post organized by Erin from PerfectlyPortFamily!

This month’s topic is 10 memories with your Spouse which is perfect for two reasons.  1.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day so of course you are thinking about your Spouse!  And 2.  My husband just turned 40 on Friday and although we did a little low key celebration on the weekend, we are heading to New York this coming weekend for more celebrating and more memory making!!

It is hard to choose just 10 memories to share but here are the ones that made the list today!



  1. The day we met in person!  – Lets go back to the beginning shall we?!  My husband and I actually met online on a dating website (Lavalife…does that still exist?) back in 2008.  We spoke online for a couple of months and then decided we wanted to meet in person!  We met at a restaurant downtown (public place, didn’t want him to know where I lived…you know…safety precautions!).  I immediately fell in love with his adorable dimples when he smiled (which I actually haven’t seen in a while now because he grew a beard a couple years ago lol).  As the night went on, we started talking and I got more comfortable with him and the topic of where we live came up.  It turns out; we lived about a block away from each other!  Lol  What are the odds?!
  2. Our first camping trip – we had been dating for a few months and the weather was starting to warm up. We both like to go camping so we figured we would try our first camping trip together.  We went grocery shopping together to get supplies for our trip and for some reason we thought it would be fun to bring some shark steaks.  Neither of us had ever eaten shark before so it seemed like a good idea.  Then we went to the liquor store and got a bottle of rum (again, not something either of us had ever done).  So we get to the campground with our super random supplies and it’s raining and cold lol!  That first night, we set up a tarp so we wouldn’t get rained on, started a little fire, and cooked our shark lol.  Then we sat under the tarp, ate our shark and drank some rum and coke.  The shark was not very good…pretty dry and tasteless lol.  And I don’t think we have had rum and coke since that night (Yuk!) lol.  The rum did help us to stay warm though!
  3. The Restigouche river run – I can’t remember what year we did this because my memory sucks but friends of ours wanted to go canoeing and camping along the Restigouche river one year and invited a bunch of people to come along (including us). We had a canoe and camping gear (we loved to camp) so we thought sure, sounds awesome!  The only problem was that on the day we headed out onto the river, there was a pretty big rain storm and the river was wild!!  Fast current, some crazy white water rapids…it was nuts!!  But, we did start out having a blast!  I had a box of wine (didn’t want glass in our canoe) and I was drinking it right out of the box, we had a huge stick of salami and my husband and I were passing it back and forth and taking big bites out of it while we canoed down the river.  There were lots of laughs, our friends fell out of their canoe on a big rapid.  We eventually had to cut our trip short because the authorities told us we couldn’t stay on the river anymore lol.  It was a disaster, we were freezing and soaking wet, but good memories and good laughs!!
  4. Our engagement – my husband and I were heading to Halifax (about a 4 hrs drive from our place) to visit my brother and sister in law (so I thought). On the way, my brother called my cell and gave me some excuse (I can’t even remember exactly what it was now) about why we couldn’t get together that day, but if we wanted to stay at this hotel near where he lived, we could get together the next day.  So I thought ok, strange, but whatever, that works.  We got to the hotel and get a room and my husband suggests we get some room service so in comes this big plate of sliced fruit and berries and we start to munch away.  As the plate begins to empty I see what I think is my name on the plate and I was like “oh cool!!!  We got a plate with my name on it!”  Thinking they had all these plates with random names on them and we just happened to get one with my name!!    So I’m getting pretty full and slow down with the fruit eating and my husband is telling me to hurry up and eat more and I’m saying, I’m pretty full I’m not sure I can eat anymore lol.  But I eat some more anyway and then I realize there is more written on the plate.  The plate actually said “Lindsay…will you be my bride?”!  Then my husband is on his knee with this beautiful ring and there is a knock at the door bringing some champagne and I said YES and the rest is history!!!
  5. Our wedding day – we did a destination wedding because it just seemed so much simpler to me than planning a wedding locally. It literally took me 30 minutes to plan our wedding in the Dominican Republic!  That is my kind of wedding!!  I remember the day of the wedding my husband was sooooooo nervous and I was excited but relaxed!  He hadn’t seen my dress and I remember his face as I walked down the isle.  I thought he was going to start crying…it was so sweet.  We got married right at the edge of the beach…it was more than beautiful!!  At least I think we got married…the ceremony was in Spanish so I’m not 100% what we agreed to lol!!  We went back to our room after to change and the staff had set up the hot tub with candles and everything and it was beautiful…until I got into the tub, leaned my head back and put half of the candle out with my hair!!!  Hahahahaha!  I had wax allll though my hair and it took so long to get it all out with loads of conditioner and brushing.  My husband and I laughed and laughed!!  It didn’t ruin our night…we went on with everything as planned joining back up with our group of family and friends to celebrate well into the night!
  6. Getting my bike license – Shortly after our wedding I stated a bike course to learn all about motor bikes and how to ride them (I had bought myself a motor bike a few months prior without knowing how to ride it). That course was honestly one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life!!  It was both physically and mentally exhausting and I was terrified most of the time lol!!  I made it through the course though and then came the final test to get my license.  I was so nervous and stressed out that I thought I was going to barf!!!  My husband had done this years ago and he was trying to help ease my mind and tell me it was going to be fine.  Off I went to do my test on a bike that I had only ridden once for about 5 mins and it was much bigger and heavier than the bikes we had used during the course.  I made it through the test…made one mistake…and PASSED!!!!  What a relief!!!  I looked up, and there was my husband!!!  He didn’t want to tell me that he was coming to watch and support me because he thought it would have made me even more nervous (it definitely would have!) so he just snuck in and parked away from the action so I wouldn’t see him.  I was soooooooo excited that he was there when I saw him after my test!!!  It meant so much to me and it was such a nice surprise…I’m getting all emotional now thinking about it!!  We went on to have many biking adventures together!
  7. Our first positive pregnancy test – the time came when we thought we might try and create some little munchkins so we “pulled the goalie” as they say lol. About a month later, I fell asleep on the couch while supper was cooking.  As soon as I woke up I immediately thought…something isn’t right and I went upstairs and took the first pregnancy test that I had ever taken.  I had no idea what I was doing…I was holding the test after I peed on it and watched as a plus sign appeared but it was faint and it was brighter on one side than it was on the other and I had no idea what that meant.  I looked at the box and it said a plus sign meant you were pregnant.  I thought…no way…it couldn’t have happened this fast?!  I brought the test downstairs to my husband and showed it to him and said the box said that a plus meant pregnant and he was like yah but it’s so faint and it’s brighter on one side than the other.  So off to google I went to try and figure out what this test meant.  Everything I read said that it doesn’t matter how faint the test looks, if it’s positive, you are pregnant.  I went back to my husband with this news and we were both in disbelief…I was shaking a bit, we were super surprised and super excited and we were like…ok, what do we do now?! Lol
  8. Bringing our first baby home – holy cow were we ever NOT prepared for this!! Bringing our little boy home was almost traumatic for us!!  We had no idea what we were doing, and all he did was cry!  He didn’t sleep, we were exhausted!!!  I think it was the second night we had him home, he was up crying for about the 10th time and needed to be changed and my husband was trying to change him in his crib and the exhaustion and stress of it all came crashing down on my husband’s shoulders all at once and he just hung his head while leaning on our son’s crib and started to cry.  I think that’s the only time I have seen my husband cry (other than during the occasional sappy movie lol!).  It was a very raw moment, and one that will stick with me for a long time.  Of course we made it through and then proceeded to have another baby after that so it’s all good lol!
  9. Vegas – in 2016 for my bday, my husband surprised me with a trip to Vegas! He had somehow booked and had been planning this trip for months without me knowing!  What a fantastic surprise!!!  I had never been to Vegas before so this was pretty exciting!!  When we arrived, my husband had another surprise for me.  A limo was waiting at the airport for us!!  I had never been in a limo before either!  So the limo took us to the hotel and we drank some champagne on the way…it was FANTASTIC!!!   We went out for super on my actual bday at the Eiffel Tower restaurant which was another surprise.  He had made a reservation months ago to get us a table and when we arrived they sat us at the best table in the restaurant!!  Right in the corner overlooking the Bellagio fountains!!!  The meal was amazing, my husband is amazing for doing this all for me…truly a once in a lifetime experience!!!  We had an amazing visit, catching a couple of shows and seeing lots of sites.  So fun to be able to walk around with adult beverages anywhere you want to!!
  10. When our daughter was born – with my second baby, labour went well and it went fairly quickly, there was no time for an epidural. She came out relatively easily and quickly and they put her in my arms right away as they usually do.  I was so in love with her and with my husband and my son who was at home…all I felt was love.  But then all of a sudden that changed and I didn’t feel well, I got really weak and I told the nurses that something was wrong and I didn’t have the strength to hold my daughter anymore, I was afraid I would pass out and drop her.  There was a flurry of activity in my room with nurses and doctors working quickly to figure out what was wrong and I had this feeling like I was just drifting away.  I looked over at my husband who was now holding our beautiful daughter and she was sucking on his little finger and he was looking down at her with so much love but there was also fear in his eyes over what was happing to me.  In that moment, I wasn’t afraid of anything.  I was confident that doctors were going to fix me but if they didn’t, I knew my babies would be loved and protected by their Daddy forever and that’s all that mattered to me.  I ended up needing 2 units of blood in a blood transfusion and they kept me right in the labour and delivery ward to watch me very closely until the next day, but slowly my strength came back and my husband never left my side.  He always has been right there by my side when I need him, even if there is nothing he can do to help me other than just be there.  Of course I was fine eventually so yay for a happy ending!!  I’m still not 100% sure what happened to me…I hemorrhaged and my hemoglobin dropped to a dangerous level, but they aren’t really sure why.  So, I feel very lucky and grateful that everything turned out fine and I have my beautiful little family!!


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  1. Your memories are really sweet. I love that you thought your name was randomly on the plate – my husband had gotten us a limo and he said “hey that limo driver has my name” and I thought it was just for someone else named Dave!

  2. 30 minute wedding planning…I did it all wrong 🙂 HA! I love learning how you met and I died laughing about the camping story. Can’t say I have ever had shark but glad the rum kept you warm. What a hoot! Thanks for linking up! xoxo ERIN

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